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One of our latest additions to the functionality of ALTO 4.0 ERP is the 3D model viewing capability. We intend to use it for two purposes: 1) as a general viewer of the model that displays element progress statuses at a current state or any other state in the past by using the project timeline slider; 2) element assembly sequence planner.


The general status viewer will be used in project planning meetings for identification of current project progress state as well as using the timeline tool to spot certain patterns on project progress that have to be addressed, for instance, discrepancy between workshop drawing delivery sequence and the production schedule. It is possible to filter elements according to progress statuses, production units (precast or steel) and element types and various project phases.

All of the element statuses (zero status, workshop drawing delivered, element produced, element assembled, etc.) are updated instantly from operations in ALTO 4.0 ERP by the corresponding business unit.

The sequence planning functionality is intended to be used by the site managers. Beforehand the sequence planning was carried out by looking up elements in the system and using the drag-and-drop function to place then in a particular calendar day. In this way the site manager had to use additional tools to see the physical logic of the building – either an assembly drawing or a BIM viewer.

The new solution does not require this as visual and contextual information is displayed on a single screen. More, since the functionality is executed through web interface, it is easily accessible from anywhere and there are no license fees regardless of the number of users.

As the project erection plans are made, they are automatically aggregated from all of the simultaneously active projects and transferred as production orders for the corresponding production units – precast and steel structure plants, which in turn plan the production schedules based on assembly dates (see precast production planner).

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