ALTO 4.0 Glass Unit

ALTO 4.0 Glass Unit is one of the most complex plugins we have made but at the same time it fulfill all needs to create Glass unit and relevant information at the same time in one tool. It have got lots of great features that we will introduce to you.

In the first tab you add basic information about glass unit. You can add up to 10 layers and they are displayed in plugin. You can easily change position for whole glass unit in relation to profiles.

In the Layer tab you can control parameters for individual layer. There is function to define whether layer is glass or void (usually gas). Depending on this selection plugin allows you to add specific information to layer type. Perimeter settings are important for any glass unit. There are drop down list with frequently used spacer bars, colors and sealing. If you can’t find the one you need, just write direct in the box and apply changes. It won’t be added to list, but will be assigned to specific glass unit.

Last tab Edge offset given a special functionality to plugin. There you can see exact glass unit shape and select any of edges to define offsets for glass sheets in the unit or even add a “pocket” details around perimeter.

Without these great features there is another one. The glass unit is defined by selecting up to 10 edges in the model. This means, when frame is changed, the glass unit updates accordingly. That saves a lot of time for change management.


We offer two versions. Lite version is available at Tekla Warehouse, there are some functionality limitations. If you are interested in Full version, please contact us at




Glass unit positioning on frame
Glass unit assembly information
Save and load custom Glass units
Void perimeter settings
Edge positioning
Number of layers
10 3

Available in TEKLA warehouse now.