ALTO 4.0 Glazed Structure Frame

ALTO 4.0 Glazed Structure Frame is designed for glazed structure modeling purposes. With the plugin you are able to create almost any kind of frames so the application for this plugin is much wider than just glazed structure frames. For example you can also create a steel truss or light infill wall frame.

Glazed Structure Frame have got great functionality. You can create a frame in one of three most convenient ways to you:

  • Import from dxf file
  • Write coordinates in table
  • Draw the frame with drawing tools

We offer two versions. Lite version is available at Tekla Warehouse, thee ae some functionality limitations. If you are interested in Full version, please contact us at




Define MainPart
Drawing options (Ctrl- snap to endpoint, Alt- polar snapping 45° and 90°, Shift- snap to line, Alt+Shift- snap to line at 45° or 90° )
Save and load custom Frames
Individual element positioning
Load DXF files
Number of elements to add
100 10

You can easily control any beam of the frame, adjust its profile, material, class or numbering parameters. Plugin allows you to manage frame changes at the same time it will be held and held in the same assembly.

In the second tab there are functionality to control any frame beam position. That is very useful feature for complex projects especially glazed structure projects.

Available in TEKLA warehouse now.