Automatic precast production planning algorithm

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The two precast production plants are one of the busiest entities in major industrial group’s engineering-production-delivery-assembly value chain. The production is carried out in 3 shifts 7 days a week for most of the year. At any given moment there are around 5,000 elements in the system available for production.

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Tracking manufactured element status using barcodes

A pre-cast element factory in Liepaja manufactures approximately 100 elements (hollow-core slabs, precast walls and columns, staircases) in a single day. All the manufactured goods are stored in 10’000 m² warehouse next to the manufacturing plant. The warehouse is divided in multiple named zones to easily locate the final production when it is necessary.

When a pre-cast element is manufactured it is move to one of the zones in warehouse. The zone name is registered and entered in manufacturing planning information system (ALTO 4.0 ERP) manually. It is an error-prone and time consuming job – loaders have to make a hand written note for each element and then managers have to enter this information in system’s database.

Part of warehouse in pre-cast manufacturing plant

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Using simulation for problem solving

UPB Group has a lot of interesting business cases where simulation has helped to achieve better performance results. For the first simulation use-case, Alto 4.0 decided to begin with the prefabricated concrete production. Based on our experience, there are two main problems which we try to solve with the simulation.

Our main business is in Scandinavia, but the prefabricated concrete factory is located in Latvia. We use ships to get all the prefabricated concrete elements across the Baltic see. There is always a dilemma connected with this kind of delivery – a) should we book all the ship with our products, b) should we deliver our products with smaller batch deliveries. Case A puts huge pressure on our prefabricated concrete factory’s warehouse, case B, on other hand, is a huge challenge for our logistics team.

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Laser template projection in UPB precast concrete production

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We would like to share our views on the laser template projection systems integration in our productions workflow, particularly in precast concrete elements production. The BPM diagram (Figure 1) describes the precast concrete element’s lifecycle from the drawing in 3D modeling software till the production in a factory. Our goal is a fully integrated system, where all information is shared among all stakeholders in this lifecycle. ALTO 4.0 ERP acts as the enterprise service bus for all information exchange and is designed to have interoperability properties.

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