Experiments with OpenSource IoT solution

This is the first impression on IoT open source solution.

Many solutions exist in IoT/Industry 4.0 ecosystem to implement IoT into your manufacturing process. At this point we are experimenting with open source solutions to understand how easy and reasonable is to use them at industrial scale. The main goal is to build a complete prototype with open source tools/platforms and cheap sensors for development purposes.

For the IoT gateway we chose to use Kura.

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Bosch Connected World 2017

Bosch Connected World event was organized at new scale, everything was bigger and definitely very impressive. Hopefully this trend will continue. The event had three parallel sessions which followed right after the keynote speakers. Throughout the event there was a large exhibition with a lot stands from the key industry players, such as Bosch, DELL, Huawei, CISCO, IBM, Intel, SAP, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.

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