DXF profile converter

Since one of the major challenges in using Tekla for glazed structure modelling is the lack of system catalogs, ALTO 4.0 is working on a tool that would significantly save the time required to get aluminum and rubber gasket profile catalogs in Tekla. The application converts dxf files into Tekla profile library. It is easy to use and takes a small effort to get glazed structure project profile library into Tekla software. Check it out on the video! By using the tool, we managed to add 70 profiles in just 2 minutes!

There are still couple of challenges to be solved, but in most cases it works great. We are planning to add some functionality for catalogue rules and user attributes. The idea is that you can add a rule name and it would appear in Tekla profile catalogue instead of default rule “Other”.


2 thoughts on “DXF profile converter”

    1. Currently application is still in the development phase (lets say Beta version). We will put it into Tekla Warehouse as soon as it is finished. At the moment, we can offer to convert some profiles for you, to see how it works and whether the results are as they were expected.
      Regarding Tekla versions, in general it should work on any Tekla Structures versions, at least we have tested on all versions starting from 21.1.

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