Glazed Structure model. Update 3

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Continuing with the 3rd project progress update. As we described in previous articles, we are testing the third model. The third model is used during tendering stage

For glazed structures it is essential to define façade boundaries and floor height then break the facade down by elements. So it was proposed to use concrete tools for defining facade geometry. Using “WallLayout” tool we modeled building façade boundary and defined floor height. Using “WallLayoutEllementation” tool we split the geometry into elements.

As tendering stage does not require high level of detailing we developed simple custom components for façade frames. These components create different types of frames with glass and non-transparent zones. Component reads concrete panel geometry and creates appropriate frame. The pros of such component are:
• Fast and easy modelling ;
• Easy change management;
• Creates material lists for price calculation;
• 3D model for visualization

“WallLayout” tool is easy to use and if change in elementation is required the frame component updates automatically. The custom component allows to specify material amounts to create lists for price calculation. You can make quick adjustments for specific project.

While modeling in 3D it is easier to spot and solve problem areas/details. Time spent on these small details can affect the whole project. An early detection of problem areas can reduce time spent on solving and reduce final costs of project.

Using the representation settings it is possible to achieve nice model visualization with transparent windows and proper colours. Colour calculators (such as this colour calculator) allow to convert from RAL to RGB (). Although for high quality images you should use specific software instead of TEKLA STRUCTURES.

Most of the time was spent on developing the necessary tools we created 15 custom components for typical frames and these can be used in other projects, a representation style where you have to put only project specific colors (~20 min), assembly and part material lists template

Modelling this project using the TEKLA tools and custom components took just approximately 6-8 hours. During this time we created grids, inserted plan references, modeled wall layout and divided into elements, applied custom component frames with specific geometry settings and overall check if everything fits and meet the task.

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