Glazed structure modelling in Tekla

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Glazed structures is a more complicated and diverse product than steel or concrete structures. Glazed structures provide wide choice of options which is great for developers and clients but brings great challenges to engineer, design, manufacturing and assembly teams. Materials and products have to be combined from multiple aluminum structure, glass and material manufactures to achieve the best solution for each project.

In addition to the wide offer of materials and systems, a wide range of software is offered for design teams. Every self-respecting manufacturer wants to develop software to facilitate their product design. There are multiple add-ins to CAD software’s and separate software’s to calculate aluminum systems or glass sheets, or model them in 3D. Usually each glazed structure project consist of at least two different aluminum structure systems and many subassembly parts like brackets, anchors, structural steel, claddings etc. It is a challenge to incorporate products from all manufacturers into one model.

UPB offers engineering, production, delivery, assembly of prefabricated concrete, steel and glass glazed aluminum/ wooden – aluminum constructions. Our goal is to find best solutions for whole value-chain.

3K projects is UPB used term. It describes projects, where company execute three main structure materials- steel, concrete and glazed/ aluminum. Such projects require highest level of detailing to provide all the required information for manufacturing and assembly teams.

Since our steel and concrete companies are working with Tekla Structures software for almost 10 years, we also intend to use it in glazed structures – it is necessary for an effective collaboration in a 3K project. With Tekla Structures we are also able to provide manufacturing teams with all necessary workshop drawings, material lists, as well as assembly drawings and assembly material lists.

At this moment, TEKLA Structures does not fully support the functionality to easily create objects and elements for large glazed structure projects. There are three main challenges to use TEKLA for glazed structure design:

  • Creation of advanced profiles, material and different facade system catalogs in Tekla;
  • Special tools for modeling;
  • Elevating the level of detailing to LOD500

So far we have developed first material and profile catalogs, and by using Tekla Open API, also some modeling tools like UPB ProfileSet, UPB Glazed Structure Frame and UPB Glass Unit.  We have also managed to get to LOD500 for some element facades.




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