Tekla Open API Precast Attributes Plug-in

Engineering | Production | Logistics | Assembly

TEKLA Structures is great software for precast element modelling and it can contain a lot of useful information about each element in element attributes. Most common ones are TEKLA standard attributes for each element type. But elements can also have some user defined custom attributes. Currently TEKLA provides more than 10 pages in 2 windows forms of user defined attributes for precast concrete panel. Not all of those attributes are necessary for every-day modelling and it is time consuming for engineers to search for the correct place where information must be entered.

Using TEKLA Open API we have developed an application that contains all the required attributes for UPB engineers. It helps engineers by simplifying their work – now they have to use only one form for all the element attributes.


  • Attribute, Workflow and CE Marking pages
  • Custom attributes duplicated with Tekla built-in if there are any
  • Product type reflected in TEKLA IFC entity, EliPlan product type or anywhere else where needed
  • Easy adjustable to suit any precast designer or producer needs as well as to your existing TEKLA settings, filters and layouts
  • Fits well with BIM processes
  • Contains useful information for production, logistics, project managers and assembly teams
  • Connection to ALTO 4.0 ERP to update planned manufacturing and erection dates.


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